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The 87th Annual Academy Awards (Or The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)

Last night was the night of all nights, the cream of the crop, America’s finest three and a half hours: the Oscars. Neil Patrick Harris swung in as host making everyone ask, “Hasn’t he done this already?” It was glitzy, it was glamorous, and it was generally one of the more boring shows I’ve ever seen.


Judging You Like It’s 1989©

I’m on a long and complicated journey sorting out my feelings about Taylor Swift. Here are my impression, song by song. Here it goes. I guess I really am reviewing a Taylor Swift album.

A Playlist: Over and Over Again

Welcome to A Playlist, a monthly post by the contributors to the Moss Blanket Review. We’ll pick a topic or theme and come up with a list of music once a month.

This month’s theme is Over and Over Again. We’re sharing the songs we can’t get out of our heads lately. Conclusions? The MBR team was really into Kanye this week. Actually, it’s pretty good bet most of the MBR team is into Kanye all the time.